To the ReScript Team

Hi there,

First off, great work thus far with ReScript guys. I haven’t had a chance yet to develop anything meaningful in it, although I got quite far with some side projects using ReasonML which was very enjoyable. Great work getting the editor support done, and thanks so much for the recent blog posts. Those kind of things that keep the community together, and create a shared sense of optimism about the future.

For what its worth, I thought I’d post a few wish list items:

  • Don’t be shy about using OCaml. It’s why I prefer ReScript over TS. As such, please continue to support the unmodified OCaml syntax. Although I plan on doing most of my work in ReScript, sometimes using ML for a small DSL with custom infix operators and let+ is nice.
  • I’d like to see OCaml as an option for syntax in the Playground, much like
  • Looks like infix operators are coming back to ReScript! Thank you so much! Even if these aren’t recommended, I’d encourage ReScript to fully support them, as in some cases, they really do incase the readability of your codebase.
  • FP concepts are flourishing, and React opens the door for many developers to discovering what FP is all about. I think this is growing, and an opportunity for ReScript to capture. As such, when adopt upstream 4.0.8 and the let+ operator, lets port that over to ReScript. I know there’s questions about having a generic abstraction like that, but its not just useful for async/await but so much more. Again, it can more of an advanced concept that isn’t immediately rushed to beginner introductions or tutorials, but for those that want it, its a big checkmark for ReScript.
  • We do need an official async/await solution. Rather that’s let+ or some abstraction built on that, I think everyone from beginners to experts want this.
  • Please share how the community can help. I think there’s a lot of us would like to feel more connected to the community, and see it grow.

Thanks so much for your time.