Trouble translating Drag and Drop examples


I was trying to translate the drag and drop example shown here, into ReScript.

I am currently stuck at the drop_handler function. I’ve translated it to:

  let dropHandler = event => {
    let dataTransfer = Webapi.Dom.DataTransfer.make()
    let data= dataTransfer->Webapi.Dom.DataTransfer.getData("text/plain")

And the compiler complains about the expression event->

This has type: {..}
Somewhere wanted:
  Dom.eventTarget (defined as Dom.eventTarget_like<Dom._baseClass>)

I check the source code for ReactEvent.res and it says it should return a Dom.eventTarget but I end up with a {…}. How do I coerce/cast it to a Dom.eventTarget?

@get external target: Type.t => {..} = "target" /* Should return Dom.eventTarget */

Also any general feedback on the verbose code I am writing is welcome :slight_smile:

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