Trying to upgrade to 9.1 - a lot of hurdles

We’re trying to upgrade our codebase to 9.1 and experiencing a lot of issues:

  • One of the major projects we’re using web-api uses @bs.pipe.send which is deprecated… requiring us to manually change ~900 loc :frowning: i would think that before such a hardcore deprecation, the major projects that use rescript will be translated first. i couldn’t imagine doing web dev without the web-api lib.
  • Now we’re having this cryptic error:
Dependency on bisect_ppx
rescript: [12/14] src/common/bisect_common-Bisect.cmj
FAILED: src/common/bisect_common-Bisect.cmj
File "node_modules/bisect_ppx/src/common/", line 183, characters 3-20:
Error: Unbound module Marshal
FAILED: cannot make progress due to previous errors.
Failure: node_modules/rescript/darwin/ninja.exe
Location: node_modules/bisect_ppx/lib/bs
error Command failed with exit code 2.

any idea?

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I think the bisect-ppx thing was mentioned before here. It was including an Marshall module somewhere in the generated code, and the module was removed from ReScript (rightfully so because the module didn’t expose any functionality). Probably upgrading the ppx to a newer version would do the job.


seems so, but we dont use it directly…
the likeliest candidate is bs-bestat…
so i guess we can’t upgrade :frowning:

My team is taking over webapi, just suppress the warning for now. We’ll have a pipe-first version available in the coming weeks, certainly before pipe.send is removed, and we’re cooking up some new features that should make the conversion to it worth the hassle.


The Bisect thing should be fixed by bisect_ppx@2.6.2.