Uncurried mode - callback with one parameter

Feeling kind of stupid here. Trying the new uncurried mode. I don’t understand why the first one works below but the second generates a compile error. When I look at the intellisense on the callback types, they look identical. Type both expect an 'a=>unit. I can fix the broken one by changing it to Js.log(_) but this is a hassle to do everywhere. For example, I often pass Belt.Int.toString as a callback and don’t want to have to change it everywhere to Belt.Int.toString(_). How can I make it so I can use Belt.Int.toString everywhere like I could before uncurried mode?

let m = xs => xs->Belt.Array.forEach(Js.log) // works
let n = xs => xs->Seq.forEach(Js.log) // fails

Where does the module Seq come from? Is it GitHub - jmagaram/rescript-seq: Lazy sequences for ReScript?
I’m not sure on the specifics here, but I believe, if you replace Js.log with Core.Console.log it should compile successfully:
Playground experiment

Yes using Console.log works. I just don’t understand why Js.log works in one case but not the other.