@uncurry in record passed to external function?

Hi Folks.
We have @uncurry examples for an external function that takes a callback directly. Does this also work for a callback passed as part of an options record for example? In my case I am building the options object as @deriving(abstract) so the field is @optional as well.

@uncurry says it converts the function silently so I am not sure how to check if this is all right.


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Hey! As far as I know it only works in a callback directly. Here is a test: https://rescript-lang.org/try?code=AINwhgNgBApgHgFxgJwHaSkgzggXFACmAFdUBjY5ZAT0IEtUEAaKBhASigF4A+Vxzryik6CblABE2BBIBQsiDDEAzVOIJx2vOPOkEA+tz6r280BnhI0GaQCZ8BAPYAHBHUeoAPCXKUa9RhY2QT42HhDhVFFxKRgcWzlZOwIAZUcAWxgDIygTUyA

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