Unknown build error

my bsconfig.json:
{ "name": "node-quant", "version": "0.1.0", "sources": [ { "dir": "src", "subdirs": true } ], "package-specs": [ { "module": "commonjs", "in-source": true } ], "suffix": ".bs.js", "bs-dependencies": ["rescript-nodejs"] }
{ "name": "node-quant", "version": "0.1.0", "description": "", "main": "index.js", "type": "commonjs", "scripts": { "building": "tsc -w", "re:build": "rescript", "re:start": "rescript build -w" }, "dependencies": { "@types/workerpool": "^6.0.0", "axios": "^0.21.1", "dayjs": "^1.10.4", "lodash": "^4.17.21", "mng-easy-util": "^1.6.7", "ramda": "^0.27.1", "rescript": "^9.1.4", "rescript-nodejs": "^14.2.0", "static-node-echarts": "^1.0.8", "xprofiler": "^1.2.6", "xtransit": "^1.2.3" }, }
I can not understand the message of build error:
`> node-quant@0.1.0 re:build


ninja: fatal: CreateProcess: ΔΌ`

The system: win10 x64

Do you have some special rules by some anti-virus software or some security set up?
The error message says, it is not allowed to create a process

The project structure is bellow:
The data-server folder is an sub npm project with this depency:
I haved solved this problem by removed the library relevant with the egg.
May be there is something in the egg library that would fail the rescript build process :sweat_smile:
I also find anothor way to solve this problem by appointting the res files directory.