Updated project - questions

Just updating an older project.

j’ ’ strings - are these now no longer needed ?- emoji just seem to work in normal strings now.

Trying out core, is there a similar Array.range(1,12) function?
Doing something like

Array(12).fill().map((_, i) => i+1);

Just gives me variant constructor errors.

Also an equivalent to Array.rangeBy(to, from, step)?

What would Js.Math.random_int(1, 12) be now, just removing the Js. prefix doesn’t work?

Looks like I can just remove Js.Global prefixes now too. Which is great.

Also do we still have to use useEffect0() etc… now ? (useEffect() seems to work).

string_to_int() would it be preferable to use Int.toString() now?

we use:

let range: int => array<int> = %raw(`(i) => [...Array(i).keys()]`)

There’s Int.range.



Thanks. The function Belt.Array.ShuffleInPlace() is a really useful one too I couldn’t see that in the Int Module are there any plans to add it?

Why would it be in Int? It’s in Array.

Ah sorry I missed in was in Array. To be honest I wasn’t clear on the boundary but I suppose Int.range() takes ints and returns an array. (so a module can convert from it’s type to another type?)

The last one I can’t find is where Js.Math.random__int() is now?

Int.range returns an array<int>, Float.range returns an array<float>. I wouldn’t say it converts anything.

There isn’t one. That function doesn’t exist in JavaScript. So you have to do something similar to what you’d do in JavaScript, see Math.random() - JavaScript | MDN

let randomInt = (min, max) =>
  Float.toInt(Math.random() *. float(max - min)) + min
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