Updating bindings for Jotai (working with Obj.magic?)

About a week ago Jotai https://jotai.pmnd.rs/ introduced an api change in v1.0.1 where writable atoms can specify an optional boolean like the following:

import { atom } from "jotai";
let valueAtom = atom(5);
let multiplyByAtom = atom(
  get => get(valueAtom),
  (get, set, multiplier) => {
    let value = get(valueAtom, false); // Newly added second arg is given, defaults to true
    set(valueAtom, value * multiplier);

In the Jotai bindings I’m working with, get is defined like:

@ocaml.doc("Under the hood, getter is a function that takes an atom and returns a value for this atom.
Must be used with the `get` function.")
type getter

@ocaml.doc("Unlike the original API, and in order to keep the flexibility, derived atoms requires some light runtime code and small changes to the semantic: `get` is now `getter` (see `derivedAtom` and `derivedAsyncAtom` for more).

// Inside a derived atom
let value = getter->Jotai.Atom.get(atom)
let get = (type value, get: getter, atom: t<value, _, [> Permissions.r]>): value =>
  Obj.magic(get, atom)

Is Obj.magic calling get(atom) behind the scenes? How would I work with it now that get takes two arguments? Would I store the output of Obj.magic as a value and apply another argument?

Any help here would be highly appreciated!

If it helps the repo is at GitHub - eccentric-j/re-jotai at stable