Use a modified graphql ppx in a ReScript project?

Hi I have some local changes in the graphql-ppx library. How can I use it in a ReScript project?

What would the ppx-flags be?

Should I build the ppx and push it to the repo?

You need to build ppx first and then point compiler to the built ppx. E.g. here.

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I am currently using the existing github actions to build and publish the package to my npm profile.

If you piggyback on the forked infrastructure but with your npm name, then you can publish the package via gh actions and use it like the official one but with your npm name. Not guaranteed but should work I believe.

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You can also use the local executable that you have built. Eg:

  "ppx-flags": [

But one of my colleagues also works on this project and he does not work on reasonml. So I pushed a new package to my npm and also changed rescript-apollo-client and used it directly from github since it does not require any building,