Using functions written in rescript in ts

I wrote some util functions in rescript that utilize @rescript/core under the hood.

After using gentype and writing a few shims, I imported my package into my ts file. TS compiler builds fine.

However, when i run the outputted js, I get this error
Error: Cannot find module '@rescript/core/lib/js/src/'

I check node_modules and indeed this file does not exist. What can I do here, other than forking core and building it myself

For now, you might want to consider switching back to Js/Belt and then try using ReScript’s standalone standard library which can be added as a dependency to your TS project.

I don’t see anything similar to the standalone standard library for RescriptCore on their Github page. Maybe they will switch to RescriptCore in future @rescript/std releases, as they do say this:

Eventually, if the community likes it and it stands the test of time, it might make its way into the compiler. And, at that point it would replace the current Js namespace.

Just so I understand, this is about us not (yet) shipping built files in the package, and you’re not explicitly building with ReScript here, right?

yeah seems that is correct!