Vite does not watch res file changes

I use create-rescript-app to create a rescript project demo.
The “scripts” in package.json is as below.

  "scripts": {
    "res:build": "rescript",
    "res:clean": "rescript clean",
    "res:dev": "rescript build -w",
    "dev": "vite",
    "build": "vite build",
    "preview": "vite preview"

My problem is if use “dev” script only, .mjs files are not updated. if use “res:dev” only, no webserver is started. I have to open 2 terminals to run both scripts for my development.

My question is that if it is possible to use only 1 script to enable both .res file watching & webserver for development.

Thanks for any advice.

If you use rescript-vscode, it should do the file watching automatically (for simple, non-monorepos at least).

If you really need to run everything in one Terminal, you could use npm-run-all to run them from the same terminal with the run-p command.

Here is an example setup:

rescript-vscode works for me. Thank you!

There’s also the concurrently package. Example package.json from one of my projects:

"scripts": {
  "watch:rescript": "rescript build -with-deps -w",
  "watch:relay": "rescript-relay-compiler -w",
  "watch:vite": "vite",
  "dev": "concurrently 'yarn:watch:*'"
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vite-plugin-rescript would be helpful


Is it fast? I was under the impression that the ReScript team would prefer you to run the compiler standalone so as not to slow down the feedback loop.

I didn’t mean the loader feature. Basically the plugin does is spawning a rescript build -w process on dev, rescript build process on build. So no need to use either npm-run-all or concurrently for it.

+ And it is also helpful when using rescript-vitest


I had issues when trying it out with Vitest. When running tests with coverage it would hang and not exit until it timed out.

Did you try rescript-vitest? Could you open an issue and explain more about the problem?

I was using that, yes.

Sorry, different project. This project was using vite-plugin-rescript with unit tests written in TypeScript.

Let me see if I can create a small repo with the issue.

I created a bug here that links to an example repo: Unit tests time out when running coverage · Issue #20 · jihchi/vite-plugin-rescript · GitHub