VSCode plugin watcher

Is there an easy way to restart the VSCode plugin watcher. Sometimes it seems to hang up and I don’t see any way to restart it and end up having to delete the .bsb.lock file and then manually doing rescript build -w (or equivalent npm script command). Unfortunately that also means I have to open up an additional terminal window/tab to do other things.

Please report it to plugin’s repo.
The goal is to make it never crash so there’s no need for restart.

It crashes for me when I have a dependency cycle in my module architecture. However, I am not sure what exactly is causing it to crash so I’ll take a closer look next time it happens.

Reloading the window from the command palette restarts the watcher after I resolved the issue (no need to delete anything, but maybe we’re talking about different issues here), so I’m mostly fine with it.

This is a known issue, the server fails to parse the compiler output for dependency cycle error.

@peterh That window reload was what I needed. In the meantime I’ll keep an eye out for what might be causing the plugin to occasionally stop functioning correctly so I can submit a useful issue report.

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