Want to bring Rescript to production. Help!

I run a boutique software development firm. After doing some research, I want to build our front ends with Rescript/Rescript-react. To do so, I want to build a personal blog with it first. How would I find more information/resources about how to build a simple front-end. For context, I plan to use figma to develop the UX-UI. Then, build these components with Rescript/Rescript-react. The backend, since this is my pet project, will be written in Go.

Any help is appreciated.


Imho, ReScript/React is way overkill for a personal blog (not to mention many frontends on the internet today).

Anyway, let’s say you’re creating a SPA. My advice—start at the ReScript website and read through the docs there. Then go to the ReScript-React portion of the site and read through the docs there. It’s not a big time investment especially if you skim through it, and it’s more efficient than jumping into it, spending a lot of time, and then finding out it doesn’t work for you.

Overall it will give you a good idea of what the stack is like, what the philosophy is, how things are put together. It does assume prior knowledge of React though. It’s not too far off to say that a ReScript-React app is really just a standard React app with a very thin typechecking layer on top.


I wouldn’t choose a blog/static site in order to test the waters for front end applications, because a blog will emphasize markdown and static site generation, whereas a front end application will focus more on state, a graphql or rest API client, and using more of react’s features.

I would start with a rescript vite starter template, and build out a Todo list app using a state hook or reducer hook.

Thanks I’ll build a todo list. That’s a classic.

Yes, I figured it was overkill. I just wanted to start with a cool kind of interactive blog/news site. Imagine a filtered ticker, scrolling relevant info from APIs with a few articles I’ve written mixed in. Really it’s about proof of concept more than anything else.

Happy to hear you’re concidering ReScript :blush: I put together a small repo for an intro workshop on ReScript earlier this year. The main branch contains all the boilerplate to get started building a small calculator. This should get you going and highlight some features such as pattern matching. If you get stuck the example branch contains a finished version. https://github.com/mellson/rescript-intro

You can find this and a lot of other helpful links in @fham’s awesome-rescript repo