Watching dependencies?

I see this has been discussed a bit before but I’m not sure of the official answer, if there is one.

My lib/bs/.sourcedirs.json lists the src directory in my main project in the “dirs” property, but not that of rescript dependencies (as declared in “bs-dependencies” in bsconfig.json, and npm linked). (The rescript dependencies are listed in “pkgs” in that same file.) This has the effect that rescript build -with-deps -w doesn’t notice changes in those BS dependencies. So I have to run a separate rescript build -w compilation on the dependency that I change a lot.

I assume that’s intentional? In other words, -with-deps is intended to mean stricly only “ensure dependencies are compiled” and not “also, ensure any changes to dependencies are picked up by the watcher”?

With this setup (run separate rescript build -w) and using rescript-esbuild-starter, reload seems mostly to work but occasionally the browser doesn’t reload when I change code in the dependency (mind you, I think I’ve seen the same when changing project itself occasionally, presumably some race).

Is there a better way?