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We are the ReScript community.

ReScript is a robustly typed language that compiles to efficient and human-readable JavaScript. It comes with one of the fastest build toolchains and offers first class support for interoperating with ReactJS and other existing JavaScript code.

Our Philosophy

ReScript is a language about shipping products, and we take pride for good UI and UX.

About the Forum

This is a friendly place for all kinds of questions and topics related to ReScript, this includes:

  • General / Beginner Questions (no formal structure required)
  • Q&A like topics (please use the “Solved” button on a reply if it solves your problem)
  • Feedback / Suggestions
  • Product Design topics
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript topics

It’s important to emphasize that there are no silly questions, just create a new topic in the right category and the team and community is happy to chime in!

Code of Conduct

Please be sure to read and comply to our Code of Conduct. Keep discussions professional and friendly!

That’s all. Welcome to the community :tada:

- The ReScript Team