What do you call someone who programs in rescript?

Like, a rust coder is a rustacean, a Python programmer is a pythonista, and a Ruby programmer is a Rubiest.

I don’t like the sound of rescripter, so I’m hoping it’s rescribe.


ReScript Typists? Because typing means both writing and using types.

If it has to be a portmanteau, maybe

  • ReScriptafari
  • ReScriptists
  • ReScrubs

ReScribers would work for me as well.

A pope? :grin: Not that there ever were more than 2 or 3 popes at once.

I like rescribe.

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my guess would be: Rescripter or Rescripteador



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Maybe a ReScriptor :sunglasses:


thanks for the awesome information.


How about–scriptwriter.

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call them a prescription

how about Reasoners or Wise Developers

I went for Rescripter on the r/ReScript subreddit

thanks my issue has been fixed.

Just some brainstorming here … probably ScriptRe or ScripteR.

what about Ryyppies ?
It starts with R like Rescript and honors @ryyppy

What about betterThanTypescripters ?

But the real thing we should be aiming at is to have a cute pet instead or along the logo. Look at all the popular languages, all they have cute pets!



Javascript and java are mainstream, but they are not beloved because they don’t have pets :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Good call. I’d vote for the Pronghorn, the worlds fastest animal (over long distances). Pronghorn | National Wildlife Federation

I’ll put a drawing together this evening. :grinning:

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Awesome! very eager to see it.

I also forgot to put another beloved language with a pet…


Obviously, it should be an Alpaca with the name “Resi” (common short name for Theresa in Austria or Germany).

(I should probably update that to ReScript colors/logo sometime)


Pretty sure if it is an Alpaca, my wife will agree to switch to Rescript from Javascript no questions asked. :joy:


I was about to suggest an ostrich or a roadrunner (ground cuckoos are nice), but then I thought I’d rather see ReScript take flight :sweat_smile:

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LOL, that would be terrible :rofl:

Oh right, mascot… this topic got completely lost due to the summer stress (and heat waves).

During our landing page redesign we brainstormed for some good (and doable) mascot candidates to fit the tone and brand of the ReScript website. In the end, the team liked a particular animal that Bettina proposed (which is good, bc she has to actually draw it). We have some concepts and some mood boards, but no final result yet.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise until it’s done. The only thing I can tell right now though: It’s not an Alpaca, it’s also not an Ostrich or Roadrunner (although the attributes are pretty fitting). We were also initially looking at a Pronghorn, or cheetah, but those are pretty complex animals and didn’t make it either :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It will definitely be as cute as the other languages’ pets!

More infos / details when things are getting ready.

(Btw, this doesn’t mean we should stop discussing mascots. Always good to see other ideas as well)