What file extensions will ReScript generate?

Will ReScript generate .res.js files instead of .bs.js files, or would this be too much of a breaking change? (Someone in discord noted that it would invalidate .gitignore files. My current .gitignore refers to lib/bs, so there’s another name that might change.)

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Thanks for bringing it up.
Indeed, that’s a major breaking change. We may make it configurable and switch the default eventually.
Next release would be a minor release, we don’t plan introduce breaking changes in next release


@Hongbo All my projects had the suffix configured to “.bs.js” via the bsconfig file … maybe for the next update it would be good to make the suffix setting mandatory so ppl won’t break as soon as the new default suffix is being introduced?


For that matter, is bsconfig.json ever going to be renamed? Or the tool filename bsb? We might be dealing with this transition for a while :joy:

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An ode to Bucklescript.