What is the state of JSX in Rescript (preserve mode to use other UI lib, Solidjs, Qwik, etc)

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Everything is in the question, I wonder if it is possible to use SolidJs in Rescript in 2023.
If not what is missing to be able to do it ?

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There’s a related proposal for a generic JSX transform here: [RFC] Generic JSX transform · Issue #6408 · rescript-lang/rescript-compiler · GitHub

But that won’t help as much with Solid as one would like, because that probably needs preserve mode. But one could experiment with the generic JSX transform + Solid and see what issues you hit, whenver it’s built.

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If you’re feeling adventurous: GitHub - Fattafatta/rescript-solidjs: ReScript bindings for solid-js.


I played with several libraries in rescript like vanjs and Solidjs + hyperscript. Unfortunately the biggest problem wasn’t the jsx compilation, but the reactivity with signals.

As long as these libraries use proxies, I don’t know, how to fix these problems. There is another thread in this forum without a solution.

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