What's wrong with this bindings?

I’m trying to write my first rescript file that uses a binding and it is failing.
This is my code, that works on the playground:

@module external commondir: array<string> => string = "commondir"
let res = commondir(["a"])

However, the compiler is erroring like this:

rescript: [1/3] src/determineDestinationPath.ast
FAILED: src/determineDestinationPath.ast
File "/Users/danielo/mega/programacion/node/js-file-mover/src/determineDestinationPath.re", line 1, characters 1-2:
Error: Syntax error

  We've found a bug for you!

  There's been an error running Reason's parser on a file.
  If the message doesn't help, check for errors slightly above.
  Please file an issue on github.com/facebook/reason. Thanks!

FAILED: cannot make progress due to previous errors.

I can’t figure out how to follow. I just installed rescript like yarn add -D rescript and call it like "re:build": "rescript", just like the official page suggest.

I’ll tell you wat’s wrong, stupid monkey. You should be using .res as file extension, not .re, that is for reason.

Sorry everyone.

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