Where are things headed with rescript and binding?

I’ve not tried any JS interop yet. Is anything much changing with that as part of the ReScript rebrand, or is everything basically the same as before? What changes if any should I expect?

I’m currently using ReasonML, but I expect to switch to ReScript later. If I want to write bindings for a JS library, I’m guessing it doesn’t matter much which docs I’m look at?

Finally, for libraries with TypeScript declarations, presumably after learning a bit about the raw JS interop features, gentype is still where I should look?

No changes on the compiler level. ReScript will eventually get nicer syntax to express JS bindings more easily in the future.

The ReScript compiler handles build artifacts for both syntaxes, so technically it doesn’t make a difference. Socially, it would probably be better if every library marketed in the ReScript community is also written in ReScript syntax for consistency / readability reasons.

Yes, gentype is the official way to interact with TypeScript code, so check it out if you have certain TS use-cases.