Where to find the definition of exn?

The only thing i can find in the documation is below:

Can we construct a value with type exn? Where is the definition of exn?

You can define your own constructors, and then use them to create a value of type exn:

exception MyExnConstructor(string)

// NOTE: usually you should use raise() 
// in conjunction with an exception constructor.
// Like so: raise(MyExnConstructor("test"))
// Otherwise in the JavaScript output you 
// wont get a stack trace attached to the exception object.
let myExn: exn = MyExnConstructor("test")

There’re also some predefined exceptions like Not_found or Invalid_argument. I couldn’t find a list in ReScript documentation, but here’s a list for OCaml: OCaml - The core library

Also, any module that you use might define its own exceptions.

More docs: Exception | ReScript Language Manual

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