Why no slack channel?

I’ve noticed for example with Elm and F# a big part of what contributes to the community feel is having a chat to go to where there is a very ‘present’ (and pleasant) community where both beginners and more experienced people can have a lot more ‘real-time’ communication. At least in comparison, BB’s nowadays feel like a prohibitively formal and clunky relic from 2010 and are far less engaging than the sort of communication tools available nowadays. As a beginner I personally feel it would be way nicer to have a place to go express my curiosity without making a forum post where my stupid questions would instead become permanent clutter amongst more nuanced discussion under a URL that persists publicly for time immemorial. Just my newbie perspective! I feel like this would really help me to learn and engage faster with this very fascinating new tech. (especially considering the immaturity of the current docs!)

This was answered here [ANN] Archiving some Discord channels; musing on a new server

FWIW there is a Telegram group for ReScript.