Why not add a dropdown with translations for the rescript documentation

I recently started writing in ReScript and this is the first thing that caught my eye.

Why not add a dropdown to the header of the documentation with various translations and place a “call to action” there, such as “Help translate” or “Contribute to the translation of the documentation”

I think it will be beneficial for the growth of the community.
And it will let people know that they can help translate the documentation, because now translation instructions are hard to find.

What do you think about it?

Here’s an example of a similar dropdown in the Reasonml (1) and React (2) documentation

The Reason docs used docusaurus back then, which had a builtin workflow for crowdin translations. It’s a very basic site, so it was quite easy to get some translations going.

When we started rescript-lang.org, we had to accommodate multiple different doc pages (ReScript / React, ReScript manual, GenType, etc) under one umbrella with a proper doc versioning mechanism, and we wanted to have fine-grained control over the design, so we settled with a custom NextJS setup. Therefore we lost the ability to just drop in crowdin.

NextJS has proper localization support, but I didn’t have the time figuring out how one would factor the data for the content, sidebars (including different versions of each content), topbar navigation, etc., to make it possible to set up some crowdsourced translation software.

If you figure out a way to adapt rescript-lang.org so it can be localized, I’d be happy to consider such change.