[ANN] New rescript-vscode beta testers needed!

Edit: beta 2 is out. Links in this post updated. See my comment below on updates.

Hello folks!

The next version of our VSCode plugin contains some pretty exciting changes. It contains some significant refactor. so we’ve like to have some beta testers try it first:

  • Download the beta plugin’s .vsix here.
  • In VSCode, use the command “Extensions: Install from VSIX…” to install it.

This will replace your current rescript-vscode plugin, but you can always uninstall and install back the production version right after.

In particular, we’d like some feedback from Windows and Linux users, to ensure we didn’t subtly break a few existing things. If you use Windows, please report whether things still work!

If everything goes right, this plugin will be released this week. Enjoy the new changes!


Short note regarding vim-rescript:

I am currently preparing the vim integration for this beta release, so as soon as a stable version is shipped, I will officially ship the new vim updates as well.


Great update!

For autocompletion in JSX, would it be possible to trigger it via Ctrl + Space as well? Since you have no trigger character in JSX, and need to type the first letter of a prop to have it completed.

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Would you open an issue?

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I have two more:

  1. If I type @react. and then press enter on the autocomplete suggestion “react.component”, I end up with @react.react.component.
  2. If I hover over a React component declaration (make function annotated with @react.component) in a .resi file, no tooltip/type information is shown. (For other functions it works fine.)

Shall I open issues for these?

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Go ahead with opening issues.

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rescript-vscode Beta 2 (likely the last beta) is out! Please test it. In particular, vs beta 1:

  • We now support rescript@9.1.2 (rescript compiler beta 3, the one without node_modules/.bin/bsb).
  • A small windows change; everything should still work. Please tell us if something weird happens.

I must say that it is impressive how quickly you are fixing the reported issues! :smile: :+1:


The outline seems to be not in sync (tested on windows), h is not displayed.

I have type another key to trigger some rebuild to have h and c displayed.

Suggestions: the editor could do a rebuild when it is in idle to make sure everything is up to date

Yeah this is a known issue, thanks. Unfortunately the documentSymbol request isn’t sent to us on save, at all. Nothing we can do here. But we’ve found a workaround. We’ll disable outline for this release for now.