[ANN] rescript-ink v1.3.0

Including ported examples that have been verified as working.

The next major version (v2) will be adopted to ReScript v10.1 and JSX v4


very cool! very cool! very cool!

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Nice timing! - Just when I started tinkering with ink (using Rescript@next) some days ago… :innocent::ok_hand:

I was also using yargs as well. I think both packages work pretty well together. (Although they handle very different tasks).

If there is some interest in yargs bindings, I’ll try to find some time to publish them. :wink:

Instead of using yargs I took minimist and parsed the arguments with rescript-struct. It might be interesting for someone working on a CLI https://github.com/DZakh/rescript-stdlib-vendorer/blob/v1.0.0/src/interactors/RunCli.res.

It’s a very straightforward and typesafe solution, although with quite some code unrelated to the application logic. I’m thinking of creating a small ReScript-specific package to make creating CLIs easy.