[Call for testing] Experimental signature help support in the editor tooling

The latest VSCode extension pre-release has experimental support for signature help. For those who don’t know, signature help is the small window that pops up as you’re writing a function call, telling you about the various parameters of the function.

Our experimental version looks like this:

With no parameter active

With an active parameter

We’re interested in hearing your feedback on this feature. You can activate it by changing the setting Rescript > Settings > Signature Help: Enable to true.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


Thank you very much for this feature. I’m on the pre-release channel.

Function signature is not displayed when opening parentheses (.


let add = (~x, ~y) => x + y


"rescript.settings.signatureHelp.enable": true,

This feature will make our life much easier. Thank you!


Has that function compiled? The function must have compiled at some point.

Feature feels great. Great job creating pragmatic, useful dev tooling for the community :slight_smile:

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I had this setting enabled. Now it’s working. :grinning:

"editor.parameterHints.enabled": false,

The parameter is highlighted after insertion, shouldn’t it be highlighted after triggering the characters (, , and =?




The function name let add: is redundant could we just show the signature like codelens does?

(int, int) => int

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@aspeddro both of those points are now fixed in the pre-release version.

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