[ANN] rescript-vscode 1.8.1 released

We’ve released v1.8.1 of the VSCode extension. This release is focused on a couple of quality-of-life improvements:

Hovers now contains more information than before. More types in the hover that might be relevant are expanded right away, and there are now clickable links directly to the type definitions in the hover. Read more here: [Call for testing] Improved hovers in editor tooling

Experimental signature help has landed, and we’re interested in hearing your feedback, including whether you end up using it or not. Read more here: [Call for testing] Experimental signature help support in the editor tooling

In addition to this, there has been a number of bug fixes and general improvements.

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed! We hope you’ll enjoy using the extension. Please don’t hesitate to give feedback on things you’d like to see improve and so on, we’re all ears.

Also, don’t forget there’s a pre-release channel for the extension available in VSCode that you can use to stay on the bleeding edge. Doing that + reporting any issues you find is of great help to us. Thank you @fham for setting the release and pre-release process up so nicely!