I wonder is there any good examples of UI-libraries or typings for popular UI-libraries with React, rescript?

Currently, I working on my pet project and trying to find some good UI libraries for building UI:)

Hello, I found so good UI lib for React (like AntD), and they support Reson

As I understand, we can use Reason libs with ReScript.
Anyway, you can see as it was interop.

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Thank you, looks cool.

I think would be nice to have a awesome-rescript repo with cool libraries and tools.

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@hellpirat you may find some in the ReScript package index:

There are some packages for Material UI for example.

I also found this one for Headless UI, which is a pretty nice headless UI component library designed to be used with Tailwind CSS: GitHub - bettercart/rescript-headless-ui-react

It doesn’t seem to be complete yet and I haven’t tested it, hope it is still in active development.

Here it is: GitHub - fhammerschmidt/awesome-rescript: A collection of materials about the ReScript programming languag