I18n in NextJS for rescript-lang.org and official document translations

Hi all!

I have been working on (new and up-to-date) Korean translation with i18n for ReScript official document since my team and I believe this will secure more accessibility to more users. And I realized there’s only this post about Chinese translation and technically no other specific mentions at the moment which regards this topic. (Also, the official page updated lastly on Jan 2021, says “don’t have any bigger plans introducing i18n”.)

I’ve started to talk with @ryyppy about this a bit but thought it’d be better to start a conversation in public for everyone who is interested (not only for Korean or Chinese).


Are you talking about i18n support for rescript or just plain translation of the site docs?

In my case, it’s

but I was talking about in general - so any possible translations with i18n for ReScript official doc.

++ So easily saying, I was talking about both :slightly_smiling_face:

This is from a NextJS blog about i18n:

Internationalizing a project has two main pillars: Translations and Routing.

The ReScript Chinese community is currently quite active. Many users from China are also interested in ReScript, and the community has translated most of the documentation on its own initiative. Hope the official website can be internationalized in the future so that more people can learn ReScrit.


Closing this thread in favour of the more thorough Development topic: