What is the best solution to get rescript-lang.org to support a new language?

I am currently trying to translate whole the official language manual into Chinese to expand its reach in the Chinese community. Is it possible to merge Chinese translations into rescript-lang.org in the future? How can I contribute to get ReScript to officially support Chinese?
Appreciating for any advice!


I found some of the key challenges mentioned by ryyppy here. Are there any existing solutions, or any suggestions for the translation work?

Next has localization strategies built into the framework, like here: Advanced Features: Internationalized Routing | Next.js

The question is rather who is going to make a plan on…

  • How to set up the new routes without breaking any existing links
  • How to coordinate the translations (most likely will involve external translation tools to diff markdown to easily review changes in the source language)
  • Commit on a very stable sitemap

Additionally there’s content like the Syntax Widget that would probably require some special treatment in the code.

API docs are probably impossible to translate, since the docs live within the source.

Sorry for this late reply and thanks for the useful advice. I’ll continue to work for this!