Is it possible to compile rescript to native module (amd64) which can running on android or ios

Currently, I am working on react native using typescript. I struggle to maintain the native module of react-native. so I wonder if it is possible to compile rescript to the native format that can run directly on ios or android. As I know, the OCaml can be compiled to native format. but I am a newbie to Ocaml and rescript. so I don’t know if rescript can interoperate to OCaml or directly with objective-c or java lib

Technically it is possible, and it can be done in a weekend.
But that’s just 1% to get the native APP running on ios or android, there are much more work to do.

So someday if we gain large enough market share and funding, this is definitely something to explore, otherwise we got distracted.

The philosophy of ReScript is not to explore everything, it is focused on providing polished experience. It took me around 6 weekends to make the initial ReScript compiler, but now it is almost 6 years to work on a production quality language, and we still have a lot of things to do.