Is there a way to create bindings for a function that takes an object bag of arguments?

In typescript, I may have a function that looks like this:

interface FooOptions {
  val: number
  bar?: string

declare function foo(options: FooOptions): unknown

I guess I want to end up with a rescript function like:

foo(~val=4, ~bar="hi", ())

I’ve seen this done with an intermediary @obj external like foo(FooOptions.make(~val=4, ~bar="hi", ()))

Is it possible without the additional make function?

Not directly, no. You could wrap the external with a convenience function that does it for you.

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I believe this will land in ReScript 10 - and then records can be used.

So the ReScript call will become foo({ val:4, bar:"hi" }) just like it is in JS.