New React Flow bindings

Hey guys!

I’m speaking on behalf of the Brazilian community, ReScriptBR. Me, @vmarcosp, @fakenickels are channeling our resources to advocate in favor of ReScript adoption in Brazil. We’re all using it in our respective companies and also creating content attracting new people to our community.

We’re releasing today our bindings for React Flow and we’d appreciate it if you could take a look at it. The ReScript code looks very similar to JS/TS code and that’s intended! We’re trying to show outsiders how easy it could be to migrate to ReScript and increase their experience building great products.

We’re also maintaining reform(new docs soon :smiley:), creating bindings for ant-design, and react-query.

We’d also like to thank everyone from the core team and the community for doing such great work with new docs and giving a new direction for the language. One we think has a real potential for massive usage.

Count on us,


Great work! :smiley::+1: You’re building a great community over in Brazil!


I’m looking forward to the react-query bindings!

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I’m working on these bindings, it’s still WIP but if you want I can send you a preview as soon as possible.

I’d be happy to try them out and provide any feedback if it’s helpful. Thanks!