Non-React front-end frameworks?

I am venturing into the world of creative web development, basically working with the HTML canvas, using SVG and libraries such as three.js, d3.js, gsap, etc. and I would like to do it with Rescript, and I think that part is covered with the bindings and the DOM API.

But, I have been searching on the internet for a framework that is compatible with Rescript other than React. I generally prefer Svelte’s way of doing things or Lit’s web components over the way state, routes, etc. are handled in React. But I have found that Rescript only makes it easier to work with React, and cannot be used with other frameworks.

Has anyone found a solution to integrate Rescript with a framework other than React or alternatives? Thanks in advance

A problem with a lot of the major frontend libraries (svelte, vue, solid) is they all require a specific compilation step to work, which doesn’t play as nice with rescript.

I think it’d be kinda cool to see a FW written in rescript, for rescript. Someone last year posted Rescript TEA which is a recreation of the elm architecture, but it looks like their project that used it has been refactored in F# and the library hasn’t been updated in a year. There’s also cycle.js which would be easy to write bindings for, I’ve never tried it but conceptually it looks pretty cool

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I think it would be great to have something like Vue or Svelte in the Rescript ecosystem. I’ll check out cycle.js, I was also seeing that there is Dream for ReasonML which seems like a pretty complete option as well. Greetings!

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