Remix bindings/template/example

Hi folks!

I’ve started working on some Remix bindings


I’ve created issues for all of the missing bindings, feel free to contribute if you find this useful

I’m also thinking about how to make this as useful as possible, right now I see two approaches:

@ryyppy Would love to hear your thoughts about the best direction to take here!

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IMO the best approach is publishing the bindings to npm :slight_smile:


Obviously I am biased and tend to the repo-template approach.
I did that specifically for NextJS, because I know that my needs are oftentimes more nuanced, and other users may want to modify them for their use-cases without jumping hoops forking my repo and do this weird egg-dance of vendoring npm deps.

Encouraging copy-paste for these kind of bindings is not a bad thing. Your Remix.res file currently counts 74 lines.

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Thanks for your insight! I hadn’t thought about the “number of lines” heuristic up until now, I agree that vendoring is a sound approach here. The bulk of the setup is going to be outside of the bindings it seems, and so a template probably works best.

…until Remix supports ReScript officially and via npx create-remix that is :smirk:

This is great! I’ve been meaning to do this myself and write a full set of bindings since they’ve hit 1.0