Vscode autocomplete (auto suggest) for props does not work in some situation

Hi all,

I had a problem when using vscode.

I created a rescript react-native project with this commands:
npx @react-native-community/cli init --template @rescript-react-native/template MyApp

(copied from https://rescript-react-native.github.io/docs/install#create-a-new-project-with-rescript-react-native)

and I also installed bs-platform(version 9.0.2) locally.

autocomplete works fine with custom components:

but it doesn’t work when using components from react-native

but it does show the type of Text when hovering on it:

I didn’t see anyone talk about this issue. I figured that I might miss some settings?

Does anyone have any clue?


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Might be related to some issues described here: Persistence of type information in vscode after failed compile?.

The rescript vscode extension is nascent so there’s some room for improvement.