What time will the next version of rescript be published?

Hi all, i am using rescript in my personal project for almost 1year. This language is very great, it makes me organizing my code more easily and less bugs in the code. I can not wait to use the latest version of rescript any more!! Could some of the team members tell me what time it will be updated in 2022?


There is a milestone in the syntax repo: v10 ("The first community powered release") Milestone · GitHub
If I understood @ryyppy correctly, when these are done a release will follow very soon.

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Hi @Mng12345 , the current priority of this project is to improve the editor experience where @cristianoc and many other people are actively working on, I will have a look at it too. This is actually more important than adding new features.

We could cut a new release soon, but we need someone oncall to address regressions, so we will find sometime when someone has a large chunk of continous free time to have it done properly.


This was discussed in the community meeting:

v10 is now going to be just cleaning up existing unreleased changes (some of which I’m fairly excited about) and become a test run of having community contributors manage the release. These people are all volunteering their time so while work is progressing nicely there’s no schedule for it yet.